Innovative Teaching Methodology

  • A variety of teaching-learning methodologies are used at LTIS.
  • Integration of Value Education, Heritage Education along with the latest technology has given the curriculum a multi-dimensional quality.
  • This approach ensures holistic development and enables the pupil to become independent, self - reliant and above all global citizens.

Primary Section

  • Value based teaching
  • Project presentation
  • Hands- on activities
  • Theme based learning
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Field trips
  • Celebration of festivals and important events
  • Role play
  • Emphasis on personality development
  • Honing of talent and oratorical skills

Secondary Section

  • Enhancement of language skills
  • Strengthening of concepts
  • Focus on mental agility
  • Life skills education
  • Development of pride for culture and country
  • Enhancement of leadership skills and sportsmanship spirit
  • Field trips
  • Collaborative learning
  • Library based learning
  • Socially useful and productive work
  • Integration of technology
  • Laboratory based learning